About us

Grant Uncle started out as a chatbot to educate and help business owners to find the right grants for their business. It also allows us to assist business owners to acquire more funding to scale their business.

But we feel that Grant Uncle can be more than just a chatbot, but rather an approachable figure in Singapore to learn from and tap on him to share our own story in our business.

Hence, we are planning to morph Grant Uncle into a virtual influencer for business in Singapore and possibly in Asia as well, covering stories about startup, entrepreneurship, and hacks shared by local entrepreneurs in Singapore & Asia.We aim to create a community of business owners here to share their experiences & hacks so others can learn from it. One of our first steps is allowing guest posting.

Besides that, we’ll be updating our chatbot to deliver the latest articles straight to your facebook message and also aim to publish our original content, such as an interview with entrepreneurs in Asia and covering their story and tips each week. If you are interested in an interview, drop us an email on our contact form.🙂

Thank you!